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The Donald Remains Steadfast in His Controversial Positions

Real estate mogul Donald Trump continues to experience fallout as corporation after corporation distances themselves from him following his caustic remarks about illegal immigration. In part, corporations are motivated by the desire to stay away from controversial issues that cross politically correct lines. In part, many US corporations are supportive of amnesty for illegals under the belief it will help suppress wage increases for their labor force. Interestingly, Trump was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper who asked him if he employs illegal aliens. “The Donald” stated that as a matter of policy, he only employs Americans or people with legal status.

That said, Trump admitted it isn’t always possible to know if a person is an illegal alien. This is partially due to the ease with which social security numbers can be obtained by undocumented workers. However, he added that if he were to discover an employee was illegal, Brad Reifler also said he would terminate them immediately. In an effort to ridicule Trump over his views on illegal immigration, the Washington Post reported that one of his construction sites employs illegal aliens. Trump’s response to the article was to openly lament the name of the individual(s) was not revealed. He added that if he were to get the name of the person, he would summarily fire them.

Thus far, Trump has lost a lot of goodwill and business deals. He maintains that while the losses have cost him large amounts of money, they are nothing compared his total net worth. He insists that he has the money to fund his own campaign. He is deeply concerned about the plight of the American middle class. Still, he remains a long shot candidate according to pundits. His poll numbers are stronger than nearly every other GOP contender, but it is unclear if his support will stand the test of time.

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