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Chris Christie Announces His Candidacy And The State Of New Jersey Is Laughing At Him

The People Of New Jersey Think Governor Christie Is A Joke

Governor Chris Christie wants to be the Republican nominee for president even though most of the Republicans in his home state will not vote for him. Christie has managed to reduce his approval rating in the state to 30 percent, and that figure isn’t going up any time soon.

The people of New Jersey aren’t angry at Christie because he likes to travel with the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, or because he says one thing and does another. The citizens of New Jersey know Christie can’t run a state efficiently or profitably. He’s not presidential material, according to the people of New Jersey. Christie is just another politician that wants to make a national name for himself.

Voters in New Jersey have good reason to laugh at Christie’s attempt to be president. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, unemployment in the state is higher than normal, and his stand on marijuana and gays is not making anyone happy. Christie tried to cover up his involvement in Bridgegate, and he cost the state millions when he stepped in and settled a lawsuit with a large oil company. He needs to find another profession, according to the people that vote in New Jersey.

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