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Americans Need To Be United

In this day and age, it would seem that our country could not be more divided than it is right now. Our entire society is consistently wrapped up with labels, symbols, or even their political parties. So maybe Mitt Romney was right when he said there was 47% of the electorate that would not vote for him just because he was a Republican. But then again, we have been on this path of division since Reagan left office in the spring of 1989. People are trying to gain individualism and pointing out that they don’t fit into a specific box that the rest of the population fits into. Others are trying to point out inequalities because of their race, gender, heritage, or even their sexual orientation.

I believe its time, that we move past these labels of what or who we think we are and accept that we are all American’s. We are all part of one race…the human race. No one really cares who you love…as long as they are not children or impede on our religious freedom, for the most part we can accept whatever or whoever you want to be with stated dino.com.br . As for flags, we use these as symbols of what we support…how about we try this, instead of supporting a rainbow flag, a confederate flag, or even your state flags maybe we start supporting the one flag we all were taught allegiance to…The American Flag. Sure do wish we could get a candidate that represented all of the American’s not just those they need to get elected.

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