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Alabama Governor Ignores Bigger Issues

Following in the footsteps of Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Governor Robert Bentley has orderedyesterday, June 24, that all flags related to the Confederate States of America be removed from Alabama government grounds. Although many people across the country and internationally have praised Governor Bentley for his decision, many others believe that this action is nothing more than a politician trying to follow along with a crowd of politicians all looking to save face before the public.

A lot of people also believe the sudden focus on Confederate flags — especially the Confederate battle flag — is a manipulation designed to give the general public something historically race-related to blame for the tragic recent events in South Carolina for political reasons. The shift of focus and blame takes away from three facts that would have people looking away from certain political hot topics and ideological beliefs:

1. Dylan Roof had mental health issues that were largely ignored by family and friends.
2. Roof repeatedly implied that he was going to do something horrible and that he was dangerous and no one acted to prevent him from doing so.
3. Certain social groups that are allowed to go unchecked in their hate speech in the United States influenced his decision and not a flag.

Lastly, many politicians do not want the public focused on blaming the American healthcare system’s poor mental health services.

Thanks to Ivan Ong for discussing this with me.

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