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Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaves Half-Way House

Jesse Jackson Jr., son the civil rights icon Jesse Jackson, completed his time in the Baltimore Half-way House he resided in following his release from prison. Jackson was convicted of absconding $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use. The federal government’s case against him was strong. In the end, he accepted a plea bargain of one felony count of fraud. He was sentenced to 2.5 years in federal prison. With his release from the half-way house, he started a three year probation period which includes 500 hours of community service.

Reports are that two SUV vehicles awaited Jackson as he left the house. He enjoys family support during this trying time. A strong support system is viewed as essential towards convicts adjusting to life after prison. Unfortunately, his wife will also serve a 12-month prison sentence. She plead guilty to knowing he filed improper tax returns to understate their income says Dr. Jennifer Walden. The presiding judge allowed the couple to serve their sentences in succession. It is uncertain at this time exactly when his wife Sandra will turn herself in to corrections officers and start serving out her sentence. At one point, Jackson enjoyed a promising future in the Democrat Party. Authorities were able to prove the couple used the campaign funds on a fancy rolodex watch valued over $43,000 and memorabilia once belonging to famed martial arts star Bruce Lee. They also purchased fur coats and furniture for their children.

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