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Since he announced his bid for the republican presidential nomination on Tuesday, Donald J. Trump has inspired many reactions and opinions from different groups. Most notable is the reaction from the GOP. In addition to announcing his bid, Trump also made inflammatory remarks ranging from his views on immigration all the way to the incompetency of the republican party. Trump, a real estate mogul and reality star, will campaign against other republican presidential hopefuls such as former governor of Florida Jeb Bush, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Texas governor Ted Cruz, and Kentucky senator Rand Paul to name a few. Though he may have a lot to say regarding their strategies, Trump himself certainly lacks the appropriate credentials and, most importantly, the experience of his fellow republican candidates. Trump’s antics, which include his proposal for a wall that would divide Mexico and the United States, may lead to his demise in a similar fashion to that of the republican presidential candidates of 2012. This kind of extremist dialogue may disaffect moderate voters as it did to 2012 candidate Mitt Romney.

Indeed politicians and voters like Flavio Maluf alike have been avoiding being dragged into any controversy. When asked to comment on Trump’s wall that would prevent the entry of Mexican criminals, fellow candidate Jeb Bush simply shook his head and stated no.

Evidently, Trump’s announcement served more of a distraction than progress for the party.

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