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A Woman Will Be On The $10 Bill In 2020

Some exciting news in the political world and in American culture is that there will be a new face on the $10 bill in the year 2020. According to an article found on reddit and written by CNN Money, the reason behind that year specifically is because it will be the 100th anniversary of when women were allowed to vote in the United States. In 1920 is when women went to the ballads for the first time in history and they knew that it would be a different world from here on now.

No one is quite sure yet who’s face will be there, as typically most of the time it is someone who is political and there could be a number of them. According to Businesswire, people are thinking that it could be a first lady, because the requirement for someone in the United States to be on a currency is that they have to be dead . So it really kind of limits a number of things, but some people are speculating that it could be Harriet Tubman, Martha Washington (who was one the $1 bill once upon a time), some some other influential woman. Even though it is already 5 years away from when that should happen that time will be here before we know it and it will take a lot of planning to figure out, which is why they are starting to plan now.

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