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Southern Baptists Make A Stance on Homosexuality

Those Southern Baptists are making the news again. This time they are strongly opposing gay marriage among their members. What will this do to the members who are already homosexual? The meeting took place in Columbus, Ohio where Pastor Ronnie Floyd was speaking at a nation convention of pastors. Though he was addressing his fellow pastors, he also wanted to let it be known that he was addressing the Supreme Court. The court is going to make a ruling regarding American and same-sex marriage in a few days. Though he spoke so boldly regarding the issue, the US Supreme Court’s hands are a bit tied.

With so many stated permitting same-sex unions, if the court goes against their stance then they will have a mutiny on their hands. There are thousands of couples who have already married under these laws. Daniel Amen understands that a change from the higher courts would mean these marriages would all be invalid. This would not only cause massive confusion, but it would also leave the matter unsettled nationwide. There are so many people who are already living this way, why not allow them to be open and provide benefits for their families they are already supporting?

It’s an interesting stance by one of the oldest religious groups in the area. While many churches don’t believe or condone same-sex marriage, It certainly doesn’t mean that they have to go all public with it either.

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