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Hillary Clinton Was For TPP Before She Was Against It – 45 Times

Over the weekend, it appears that Hillary Clinton has taken a new position on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade accord. Now, she is calling on President Obama to work with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to essentially go back to the negotiation table with the 12 member nations of the treaty and rework the its shortcomings. Needless to say, it is unlikely that the member nations will concur that the only shortcomings in the agreement rest with those the United States dislikes. Still, Clinton now suggests the participating nations work together to “turn lemons into lemonade”.

Dr Daniel Amen observes in a video on Youtube that the move by Clinton represents her latest effort to at least “talk the talk” that will unify her party’s left-wing base behind her candidacy. It is an important move for Mrs. Clinton given that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is eagerly looking for a viable “wedge issue” that will elevate his campaign to tier-1 status. Currently, he polls between 10-15 percent. That said, he exhibited a strong showing of 41 percent at the recent New Hampshire Straw Poll.

The problem Mrs. Clinton will have in reinventing her free trade credentials with regards to TPP is that she championed the process. While at the State Department, she laid the groundwork that produced the current TPP accord, lemons and all. CNN also pulled up 45 unique instances where she backed the according during her tenure at the State Department. Her own actions to blunt TPP’s criticism at this time may be undercut as badly as Senator John F. Kerry was when he famously gaffed that he was for the 2003 Iraq War resolution before he voted against it.

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