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The United States Is Backing The Iraqi Government And US Military Support May Never End

The President Recently Announced That 500 Military Personal Will Return To Iraq As Advisors

The Iraq war never ended. The conflict between the different religious factions never stopped. The country was a great candidate for a terrorist takeover when the US pulled most of the troops out of the country, and that is happening now. But the US Army never left Iraq. The United States continues to fight the battles the Iraqi army was trained to fight. The problem is the Iraqi army doesn’t want to fight. The Iraqi government wants the US to fight their battles for them, and Gianfrancesco Genoso points out that the administration is quietly doing that.

Since 2014, the US has stepped up its military presence in Iraq. Troops have been sent to act as advisors, and airstrikes have been carried out to help Iraq stop the ISIS invasion. Private contractors are sent along with the troops, so there are more than 6,300 private contractors helping the US military do whatever they are doing. Critics say the military personal sent to Iraq are doing more than advising the Iraqi army.

The fact is, the Middle East is a war zone, and the United States is part of that war. On paper, US involvement is over, but that’s not true. The United States is intensely involved in the Iraq conflict, and that conflict may go on for years.

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