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Fox Adds Political “Forums” for Tier-2 Candidates that Do Not Make the Cut for the First Debate

No serious GOP presidential hopeful wants to be among the tier-2 candidates that fall short of getting an invitation to the first presidential debate hosted by Fox News. Yet, the reality is the Fox News Network cannot conduct a serious debate with between 15 and 20 presidential candidates on stage. The network will already have logistical issues with ten candidates on stage all vying for the camera spotlight. This makes the invitation highly sought after. After all, no cable news network comes close to the ratings Fox News scores. It has been the top-rated 24-hour news channel for over a decade as their LinkedIn profile states. Liberals loath the network’s perceived right-wing slant, but Fox News continues to grow its total number of viewers while the other networks shrink or have flat growth.

That said, Fox News has become a target for criticism over their handling of the debate. The attacks aren’t just coming from the candidates which stand the biggest risk of being left out. Representatives of the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary are critical of the network’s selection process. They claim that by making the benchmark how a candidate fares in national polling, the attention has been shifted away from their primary season events. In response, Fox News will adopt a platform similar to that of CNN; they will hold political forums for the uninvited candidates to appear and discuss issues. The forums will take place hours before the actual presidential debate airs.

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