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Keeping Food on the Table

It’s no secret that Republican and GOP politicians are not completely supportive when it comes to government funded and assisted programs. A budget plan was recently passed that would suggest that Republicans have changed their mind on the matter. Earlier in the year, many politicians in the Republican run Congress supported cutting much of the public assistance programs. While the Congress has recently decided to keep these programs, that doesn’t mean that they won’t make a few changes. Not only have they made a few changes, but they have set up a 10 year plan for where they want the country to be in 10 years when it comes to public assistance. Had Congress passed the law eliminating food stamps, 11 million Americans would be without good food and quality nutrition. Farm lobbyists, members of the Agriculture Committee, and the CBBP worked incredibly hard to make sure that these cuts didn’t happen. The House of Representatives and the Senate merging their budgets to cut spending where they could. While this freed up hundreds of millions of dollars, the country is still in need of more cuts in government spending. The Democrats and lobbyists who are fighting to keep government assisted programs are trying their best to come up with other ways of cutting spending. Recipients of government assistance should not be worried about keeping their benefits. Mybrainfitlife recently reported to Daniel Amen that the recipients have an army of people who will not let citizens lose them.

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