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Governor Chris Christie Will Outlaw Weed!

Governor Chris Christie is currently in charge of the great state of New Jersey, but he has aspirations to become the President of the United States. However, several people do not wish Governor Chris Christie luck in the 2016 presidential election. American citizens believe that Governor Chris Christie is living in the past, and that may be true to an extent.

Governor Chris Christie has angered thousands of people around the world with his recent statements says Eric Pulier on Bloomberg. Chris Christie feels that marijuana should be outlawed across the nation, and this has led many Americans to grow angry with the Governor. Chris Christie fails to realize that marijuana is currently taking over the nation, and American citizens want the drug for medical and recreational uses.

Citizens of New Jersey have been complaining about Governor Chris Christie’s strict marijuana laws for years, and I highly doubt that he will be elected president with his backwards thinking. Marijuana has been proven to help thousands of people around the world, but Chris Christie fails to acknowledge the facts. Yahoo! recently published an article that further details Governor Chris Christie’s stance on marijuana, and I suggest that advocates of the drug read the article.

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