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Department of Homeland Security Finds 73 Airline Employees with Links to Terrorism

The Department of Homeland Security has identified 73 airline employees who have links to terrorist activities, according to a new report. The links were discovered when a new Inspector General took over command of the agency.

According to the report, the TSA failed to connect the employees to terrorism, although their link was relatively apparent. The employees work in several sectors within the aviation industry, including for major airlines, as well as airline vendors. The inspector also uncovered the fact that the TSA has failed to keep adequate records of airline employees, including lacking social security numbers for some employees.

The names of the employees and their exact positions have not been released, but the official reports state that some of them worked for major airlines. They have been linked to terrorism groups, or were listed in terrorism-related watch lists. Many of them were on such lists before they were hired by their respective companies.

The reports has laid out a list of demands from the TSA, including a complete overhaul of the system that is used to vet potential employees. The TSA has agreed to do so, however, many are now fearful of the flying industry once again The TSA was created to help keep passengers safe, and agents are intended to ensure the safety of all passengers, however, the agency seems to have failed at very basic levels.

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