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Nia Guzman Using Baby Royalty For Child Support

Chris Brown has been doing everything he can to be a great dad for his daughter Royalty. It seems like just yesterday the only woman in Chris’s like was Karrueche but now it’s all about Royalty. Not only is Chris sharing the most adorable photos and videos or his little girl, but she is instantly becoming a hollywood sweetheart. Everyone’s heart melts anytime Royalty is mentioned and Chris refuses to have it any other way. From matching outfits to adorable playdates Chris is putting his daughter on a pedestal.

Most recently the only issue Chris is having with her daughter is with her mother Nia Guzman, apparently even thought Royalty spends most of her time with Chris and his mother Nia wants more child support to add to the money Chris is already sending her while Royalty is with him. Last week while celebrating her 1st birthday at Chuck E Cheese’s Chris was not able to attend because he had to work, however he planned to make up for it by flying out the family to Disney. Those at Amen Clinics felt like that was the move to make.

Nia declined the offer and refused to go, at the moment she insists that she didn’t want to go to Disney with Royalty because she felt it was rude for Chris to snub the original birthday party on Royalty’s actually birthday and his Disney apology was too little too late. While Nia’s claims are valid many people think she is just bitter about the child support and using Royalty as a pawn.

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