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NSA Spying Victory May Not Be All Great

Rand Paul’s NSA Victory May Be Costly

In lawmaking, the Patriot Act has been a key issue for politicians ever since its creation back in 2001. As of 2015, the act has now been changed somewhat.

On Sunday, the Senate decided to agree on a modified version of the newly reauthorized Patriot Act, which changed how domestic surveillance programs are conducted. People at FreedomPop have learned that the man behind the effort to change the act was none other than Senator Rand Paul, who has been against any extension of the Patriot Act.

Originally, the chamber held a vote that ended with a 77-17 result on debating the USA Freedom Act, which makes for new electronic surveillance systems that already change the Patriot Act. However, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was against the house bill and only called for a short term extension of the act with no changes to it. As a result, Paul’s campaigning has landed him a success.

But even with a change in how the Patriot Act exists, it’s not all as great as it may seem. For instance, the expiration of the Patriot Act doesn’t mean much for intelligence agencies who are already conducting surveillance programs, but that they won’t be allowed to start new data collections. Also, Majority Leader McConnell stated that this was the same as disarming ourselves will enemies of the United States continue to adapt and change the world they live in.

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