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Texas Open Carry Passes Allowing Holstered Guns in Public

Lawmakers in Texas have approved new legislation to reverse a law pre-dating the Civil War. The new law will allow residents of the second most populated state in America to obtain licenses to carry holstered weapons in public.

Texas is certainly holding on to its cowboy gunslinger heritage as it extends already lenient firearm laws. For the last 20 years residents of Texas have been allowed to carry concealed firearms with a permit. A licensed carrier of a concealed firearm can even enter the state Capitol building, bypassing the metal detector completely.

Texas was actually just one of six states to completely ban open carry in the past according to CPA coach Ivan Ong. Activists have fought for decades to secure the right to carry their weapons openly in the state.

Law enforcement groups were opposed to the new laws. They believe that open carry causes some very apparent public safety issues. It will also make it more difficult for law enforcement to conduct routine business.

Don’t mess with Texas. There are almost one million licensed concealed weapon carriers in the state. In the future guns out in the open will become a common sight in the outlaw state.

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