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Jeb Bush May Skip Iowa

Jeb Bush has decided to skip the Iowa Straw Polls coming up this summer, to many conservative pundits surprise. Some political speculators say that the candidate may skip Iowa altogether, which comes as a shock to Iowans and other candidates,… Continue Reading →

Secretary of State John Kerry In Russia For Talks With Putin

For the first time in two years, United States Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Russian President Vladmir Putin, in Moscow, to discuss various issues including the Ukraine and the current relations between Washington and Moscow. Secretary of… Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Warren Continues to Criticize Obama on The TPP

Elizabeth Warren is maintaining her dogged stance on the secrecy surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The President has maintained that the trade agreement is to the benefit of the American worker, but has denied public release of the document. What few… Continue Reading →

White House & Allies Dismiss Bombshell Story on How Bin Laden was Really Killed

Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the September 11 attacks in New York City, was finally assassinated in his compound in Pakistan in 2011. The event has long been touted by President Obama as a national security success and contributed… Continue Reading →

Senator Sanders Admits He Would Impose a Litmus Test on Supreme Court Justices

In terms of the American judiciary, it has been considered anathema for the United States Senate to even suggest imposing litmus test on Supreme Court nominees. This is because in principle, a justice should be considered for the high court… Continue Reading →

President Obama Too Busy Perusing TV Career

When Officer Brian Moore died defending the streets of New York City, everyone mourned with his family. Even the president offered a few words of kindness to the situation. However, many thought the president’s words were brief and rushed and… Continue Reading →

Republican Candidate Ben Carson Uses Foreign Stock Content in Campaign

Ben Carson is facing some heavy criticism after launching his first advertisement for a campaign that focuses on securing his position as republican candidate in the upcoming presidential race. The ad, which runs for just over four minutes, consists almost… Continue Reading →

Hillary 4 Latinos

Weeks ago, former First Lady Hillary Clinton made her bid for the Presidential Election. The response to Hillary’s bid was immediate. Supporters of the original Hillary campaign and fans of her husband Bill have hit the airwaves and internet soundboards… Continue Reading →

Carly Fiorina Announces Campaign for GOP Presidential Nomination

On Monday, Carly Fiorina, age 61, formally announced her intention to seek the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination. The woman, who is touted by many as a corporate wonder woman, will base her qualifications on the office of the presidency on… Continue Reading →

Hillary, her way.

The TPP is an acronym for Trans Pacific Partnership. This the controversial trade deal with 12 pacific nations. The deal has been lauded by republicans, but is also hated by democrats. This is especially true for progressives. The de facto… Continue Reading →