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Senator Rand Paul Vows to Kill the Patriot Act on Sunday

On Sunday, the United States Senate will convene early from the Memorial Day recess to vote on passage of the Freedom Act, a revised version of the Patriot Act. As per existing Senate rules, the majority leader must invoke a hastened debate on the bill in order to quickly bring it up for a floor vote. However, there is one caveat with that approach: any senator can invoke the right to block the expedited debate period. If this occurs, it would leave the Senate body no choice but to conduct the regular debate period on the bill. The problem is there won’t remain sufficient time to complete the debate period before the law expires at midnight. In short, any senator moving to block expedited debate will effectively kill the Patriot Act by forcing it to expire.

Earlier Saturday morning, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul released a statement to Politico that he would block expedited debate on the Freedom Act and force the Patriot Act to expire on June 1. Sen. Paul, who is a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, affirmed his support for national security. At the same time, he refuses to allow America’s privacy rights to be sacrificed to keep people safe. While he does not know what the alternative to the Patriot Act would be, he is confident that Congress will arrive at an acceptable solution that preserves privacy rights and safeguards the nation. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that Sen. Paul also said the Freedom Act is a ruse as it would expand on the Patriot Act’s privacy infringements instead of reducing them.

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