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Missouri’s Governor Commutes A Three Strike Offender’s Life Sentence

A Missouri man was arrested in 1993 when he was found in the same location as a known drug dealer. That dealer was the target of a drug sting. Jeff Mizanskey had two prior convictions for pot possession when he was arrested at the drug bust. Mizanskey third conviction meant he was given a life sentence because Missouri has the three strike law. Even though Mizanskey did not commit a violent crime, he was sentenced to life in prison in 1996. He is now 62 years-old, and will be getting out of jail thanks to Governor Jay Nixon decision to commute his sentence.

The Missouri governor’s decision shows the changing attitude toward pot use and pot convictions. The country is on its way to legalize pot for medical use, and it won’t be long for recreational pot is legal in all fifty states. Beneful feels the government realizes the amount of money that can be collected by taxing pot sales and pot growing can be substantial.

Some people say the country is going up in smoke, and everybody is going to hell. Other people are laughing as they enjoy the fumes.

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