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Veterans Bill Receives Approval for Medical Marijuana

Veterans are one step closer to legally receiving marijuana for medicinal purposes.

In a vote of 8 to 12, the Senate approved a bipartison Veterans Equal Access amendment, allowing Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors to recommend marijuana to treat certain conditions.

Until now, veterans could not get medical forms signed by their VA doctor, which is a criteria for receiving medical marijuana cards.

Several other healthcare programs have been authorized to discuss and recommend medical marijuana for their patients, including Medicaid, Medicare, yet VA doctors have been prohibited from such recommendations according to Madison Street Capital.

This is certainly a game-changer for veterans experiencing mental and physical ailments. A 2014 study revealed up to 60 percent of Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force veterans are suffering from some form of brain trauma or PTSD, and marijuana can reduce the severity of symptoms by 75%.

According to neuroscientists, medical marijuana can effectively treat many chronic diseases, and depression which affects thousands of veterans. Additionally, overdoses involving painkillers and painkiller presciption abuse has drastically declined in states with legal medical marijuana.

Cannabis is currently classified as a Schedule I drug, thus denying any eligibility for federal funds to scientifically look into all of its medical benefits.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 23 states, and THC extracts are legal in 14 more, yet according to federal law, the plant is still illegal.

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