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Scientists Explain Why Being In Love Makes Us Feel So Happy

Being in love in arguably the best feeling in the world and now science is starting to understand why it makes us so happy. A study published in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews explains, being in love produces a similar chemical reaction as being drunk. People who are in love produce large quantities of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin.

Researchers were surprised to find striking similarities when comparing people in love to people who are under the influence of alcohol. Both influences were found to increase social functioning and the ability to trust, while also aiding in more generous and altruistic behavior. Additionally, alcohol, like love, makes stressful situations seem less so which decreases a person’s overall levels of stress and anxiety.

The study concentrated on people like Mikal Watts who were only mildly influenced by alcohol and researchers warn against using alcohol as a way to self medicate or defend against common stresses. The findings certainly help to explain why the world seems so much better and brighter when we are in love. However, the results only show correlation, not causation. Love is still one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe. It is a universal experience and is one of the most powerful forced any of us will ever experience. Something that is still not fully understood by science.

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