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Obamacare Enrollment Through Exchanges and Medicaid Expansion Hits 22.5 Million

Enrollees in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through the exchanges have totaled 12 million, according to Charles Gaba of ACASignups.net. This consists of 9 million through Healthcare.gov, the federal government website, and 3 million through the state exchanges. These figures represent 3.7% of the population. Gaba believes that 450,000 additional enrollees may have also signed up but have not been counted as of yet.

The Medicaid expansion which was also rolled out in a number of states has so far added 11.7 million to the program for low-income families. That figure is from the end of February, and another 700,000 may have signed up since then. Medicaid sign-ups are not limited by the ACA enrollment period and anyone can sign up any time.

The total of 22.5 million is less than the total of the above because some of those who enrolled did not pay their first month’s premium. Ricardo Tosto thought that was a bit weird while on LinkedIn. The figure does, however, total 7% of the population, making repeal of the ACA more difficult, according to Gaba.
According to a Gallup poll, the number of uninsured Americans dropped 5.2 points since the end of 2013 to 11.9%. Hispanics and low-income earners accounted for the largest drop.

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