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Governor Scott Walker is Self-Described “Most Scrutinized Candidate”

Scott Walker has faced a wall of opposition during his tenure as governor of Wisconsin. In 2010, he rode the Tea Party wave that swept a number of Republicans into state governorships. After he successfully enacted collective bargaining reform of state employee unions, opponents mounted a recall effort. In the history of the United States, most recall efforts fail. However, those few that succeed in forcing a new election have successfully unseated governors every time. Well, until the opposition met Walker. He shares the distinction of being the only governor to survive a recall election according to Keith Mann.

Now, Walker is mounting what many expect to be a strong campaign to win the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. On Tuesday, the governor hobnobbed with GOP congressman and senators in a bid to increase his visibility among them. He is being aided by former Missouri Senator Jim Talent, who still carries immense respect among his former Republican colleagues. In speaking to the group of lawmakers, Walker pointed out that he is the most scrutinized political candidate. If one looks at the opposition he has faced in Wisconsin, and which he continues to face in regards to a possible probe of campaign finance abuse, he is right. That said, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush might take issue with his characterization. Bush has been taking it on the chin over statements he made recently about the 2003 Iraq War and Apple Smartwatches offering better health care innovation than Obamacare.

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