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Jeb Bush May Skip Iowa

Jeb Bush has decided to skip the Iowa Straw Polls coming up this summer, to many conservative pundits surprise. Some political speculators say that the candidate may skip Iowa altogether, which comes as a shock to Iowans and other candidates, considering that Bush is seen as the strongest and most well funded conservative candidate in the field. The Iowa Straw Polls are seen as a critical contest for Republican candidates, as the first real primary of the election season. Candidates generally tour the state and test their platforms throughout town hall meetings in the state, while it is not make or break for any single candidate, it is an important first insight into how campaigns will run and how public support will build. Additionally, unlikely or poorly funded candidates can earn a larger array of support by doing well, or better than expected in Iowa. Mr. Bush is in no need for extra funding according to Keith Mann (Check out his Wikipedia), and may be unwilling to put his platform out for defeat quite yet, which may be why he is strategically absent.

Bush’s primary campaign strategy will most likely focus on other states further in the future, after he has toured and begun giving more frequent speeches. In addition, he may target states after some candidates have dropped out of the race, in states that he has a better chance of winning. Experts have claimed that this strategy is bold and unexpected, but may pay off.

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