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Secretary of State John Kerry In Russia For Talks With Putin

For the first time in two years, United States Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Russian President Vladmir Putin, in Moscow, to discuss various issues including the Ukraine and the current relations between Washington and Moscow. Secretary of State Kerry to Meet with Russian President in Hopes of Thawing U.S. Russian Relations

The relationship between the two countries soured in recent years after Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and its occupation of the Crimea. The United States has led the international call for sanctions against the move by Russia but experts speculate as to whether the sanctions are having the intended effects.

While sanctions and the freezing of various global bank accounts of Russian political and social elite has had an economic impact on the Russian economy and the Russian upper class, there has been no effect with regard to any change in Moscow’s international policies. Many speculate that Putin had calculated the economic costs to his country before he invaded the Ukraine and made the calculated decision that any negative effects to the Russian economy in the short term would be light in comparison to the access to the additional resources of the Ukraine and its sea ports.

Additionally, economist note that Russia is a prime holder of U. S. debt obligations and Russia dumped a vast majority of these debt obligations over an extended period of time prior to its evasion of the Ukraine. This seems to support the idea that Putin had calculated the response by the West to his actions, something the individuals at Gallagher Funeral Home know something about.

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