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Elizabeth Warren Continues to Criticize Obama on The TPP

Elizabeth Warren is maintaining her dogged stance on the secrecy surrounding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The President has maintained that the trade agreement is to the benefit of the American worker, but has denied public release of the document. What few clauses from the TPP that have leaked into the public eye, have been the opposite of what Obama claims.

In particular is the Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision, or ‘ISDS’. The purpose of the clause is to create a fair and stable legal environment for companies and investors in foreign countries. However, the ambiguous nature of the clause, as is typical of most trade documents involving American companies, raises concern regarding to what minimal extent a foreign government can “inconvenience” a company. An example would be the environmental standards of a foreign country could be different or more strict as compared to other countries. If theses standards “inconvenience” a company trying to manufacture products in said country, then the company could sue the government to allow them to produce beyond the sanctioned limit. Thus, uncontrolled pollution could be a by-product from just this ONE clause of the agreement.

Folks at Amen Clinics (thesoulhealers.org) understand that Warren is arguing this precise point. This is only one section of the TPP, and it already proposes an outrageous amount of power to companies in countries they are not even a part of. The rest of the TPP is classified to the American people, in a Democracy, and will not be revealed until after it has been passed, with or without the consent of the American people.

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