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Republican Candidate Ben Carson Uses Foreign Stock Content in Campaign

Ben Carson is facing some heavy criticism after launching his first advertisement for a campaign that focuses on securing his position as republican candidate in the upcoming presidential race. The ad, which runs for just over four minutes, consists almost entirely of stock content that has been purchased from foreign companies. The video clearly tries to present Carson’s innovative and progressive vision of America. However, the only problem is that the subjects depicted in the presentation are not U.S. citizens at all. Instead, the people in the video can be identified as foreigners. Several stock photography and video companies have confirmed that their content has been used in Carson’s campaign. Some of these entities are based in locations such as the United Kingdom, China, Brazil and Italy.

Ben Carson is not the first politician to use foreign stock content in a campaign for an important position. For instance, republican Rand Paul has included some stock photos of foreigners who were placed as thumbnails on the United States map. Paul has also been attacked for misspelling the word “education” as “eductation.” The spelling mishap was corrected quickly on Paul’s website.

Dr. Daniel Amen believes that U.S. politicians would definitely appear more patriotic if they actually used photos that represent the different facets of American life. Perhaps it’s much more affordable for Ben Carson and other political leaders to buy cheap images and video clips from companies that are not even based in the United States of America.

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