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President Obama Too Busy Perusing TV Career

When Officer Brian Moore died defending the streets of New York City, everyone mourned with his family. Even the president offered a few words of kindness to the situation. However, many thought the president’s words were brief and rushed and that he had bigger and better things to move onto. Actually, he did have other things to do. He was supposed to be on the Letterman show.

President Obama was taping the Letterman show when he was in NYC at the same time of Moore’s death. Mark Ahn knows that the public was shocked that this is yet again another TV show that the president is doing. How many times has this man appeared on TV? I guess he loves seeing his own face on the TV screen more than any presidents in times past. He certainty loves mingling with the commoners, or Hollywood one could say.

Still you have to ask yourself while he is doing all these TV shows and wondering around, why isn’t he doing something productive for the country? He has done very little good deeds since he has been in office. In fact, it seems that most of what he has done is cause tons of trouble. It will be interesting to see how his last year in office will play out. So far, he’s not off to a good start. People are just a little tired of things, even those who voted for him.

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