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Hillary 4 Latinos

Weeks ago, former First Lady Hillary Clinton made her bid for the Presidential Election. The response to Hillary’s bid was immediate. Supporters of the original Hillary campaign and fans of her husband Bill have hit the airwaves and internet soundboards in high regard to Clinton’s bid for election. The future for her campaign is looking very hopeful. Unfortunately for Hillary, she can’t ride the coat tails of her husband Bill. That doesn’t bother her; she wants to win this campaign on her own terms and in her own regards. The initial plan is to start with the big topics that her opponents, Republican and Democratic, are brushing to the side. The Clinton campaign’s main focus right now is gaining the trust of Latin American citizens. Amanda Renteria, Clinton’s political director, has been reaching out to Latino leaders in hopes to gain their trust. Clinton has already solidified her need to get connected with the American people and she’s getting an early start on doing just that. Friends of mine at Madison Street Capital think what she has gathered from Latino leaders is that they want her to make immigration reform one of her top priorities in her first year if she is elected. In recent news, Republican candidates have been continually on the fence about the reform. Instead of picking sides, they seem to bicker between each other. Clinton plans to use this to her advantage during her campaign year.

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