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Rand Paul Gets His Footing In Foreign Policy in New Hampshire

Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul got his first taste of being on the campaign trail by attending a caucus in New Hampshire. The first primary in the republican nomination process is in New Hampshire and Paul was hammered on his… Continue Reading →

The Amanda Knox Saga Is Finally Over

Italy’s Highest Court Overturns Amanda Knox Murder Conviction The Amanda Knox story is a real life nightmare. Hollywood scriptwriters couldn’t have written a story as heart-wrenching and ridiculous as this one. Knox and her ex-boyfriend were convicted of killing a… Continue Reading →

DoJ To Cast Wider Net In Review Bad Cop Shops

In light of its recent findings with in the City of Ferguson Police Department, the United States Department of Justice is open a wide spread probe into a number of police departments across the country and whether the practices of… Continue Reading →

MIT Graduate Student Says Income Equality Is About Housing

26-year-old MIT Graduate Student, Matthew Rognlie Has An Alternate Theory Of Inequality And It Has To Do With Housing The rich get richer around the world. They get richer because they have the capital to invest. The rich invest in… Continue Reading →