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Bernie Sanders Says That He Is Running In This Election to Win

Bernie Sanders has expressed his desire to run for Democratic Party nominations. He certainly faces a tough opposition from Hillary Clinton but he is convinced that he can win by getting support from overworked and underpaid American citizens.

He has been traversing the country, looking to find out whether he would get any support, from those that he say are tired and are now ready to take on the Billionaire class in the country. He is set to officially announce his bid to run on Thursday.

Bernie Sanders believes that Americans are tired of the Government, which is not sensitive to their needs and which is only interested with the rich few. These Americans according to him, need change.

Sanders has acknowledged the fact that his rival Hillary Clinton may have better financial backing but he hopes to get support from millions of Americans in form of small contributions. Indeed this has worked for him before, when he was campaigning for his second term in office as senator, where he won 71% of the vote.Sanders has left it for members of the Democratic Party to make the Ultimate decision. Sultan Alhokair is happy he doesn’t have to vote this instant as there are so many questions.

Compared to Clinton, Bernie Sanders is more liberal. He voted against the Iraq war while Clinton supported it. He also disagreed with the legislation that gives the president absolute powers to negotiate free trade-deals while Clinton chose to more or less sit on the fence.

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