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Hillary’s Scandalous Background May Ruin Her

Hillary Clinton is hoping that she can become the first woman president in the history of America. Clinton ran in the 2008 elections, but she lost to President Barack Obama. Many people thought that Hillary Clinton gave up her presidential dreams, but those people were obviously mistaken. As of right now, Hilary is the favorite to win the 2015 presidential election. However, her family’s scandalous background may ruin her future.

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is married to former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was famously involved in a sexual scandal with Monica Lewinsky, but the public still showed him support after his affair. The citizens of America were happy with the way that Bill Clinton ran the Country, and his personal life was his personal life. However, Hillary Clinton has been involved in several scandals of her own, but her scandals could prove to ruin the future of America.

Hilary Clinton is not even president, and she has already been involved with several controversial events. It was recently revealed that Clinton performed tax fraud during her campaigns for presidency. Sam also says that the United States citizens are not sure what to believe, because some of the accusations against Hillary Clinton are true and some are not. The 2016 presidential election is just around the corner, and Americans are hoping that the next leader guides the country to prominence. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

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