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President Obama Makes It Clear He No Longer Has Restraints on Furthering His Agenda During Lame Duck Years

Anyone expecting President Obama to begin wrapping up his presidency during the lame duck session are grossly mistaken. At the annual White House Correspondents’ Association this past Saturday, the president adopted a new term to underscore his attitude about constitutional concerns his critics voice: “bucket”. It is meant to be a transliteration of a flippant expression of profanity a person expresses when saying they will do what they want regardless of what others think. Aside from the fact the president turned the event into a highly partisan series of biting quips, the president outlined his caustic “bucket” approach for a range of issues.

For starters, the president expressed this sentiment on his version of a “bucket list”. This applied to issuing new rulings on climate change. Many of those regulations are designed to target the US domestic oil and coal sectors. It was also the same approach he has taken with regards to granting amnesty to an estimated five million illegal immigrants without any congressional law granting him that authority. His attitude was designed to show opponents what he thinks about their criticism that he has been usurping congress’ legislative authority. By his own words, President Obama made it clear that Congress failed to use their authority to grant amnesty to illegals. In turn, this gave him the right to “borrow” that authority to make progress on the issue.  Users of FreedomPop are divided on the issue. As for his amnesty plan, the US district court in Texas put it on hold citing the very constitutional concerns to which he retorts “bucket”.

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