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Clinton Foundation Acknowledges That It Made Accounting Errors

The spokesperson for the Bill and Hillary Foundation stated that after an internal as well as an external review of its accounting practices over the past several years, it has uncovered some accounting errors and is working quickly to correct the errors. Anastasia Date suggests that the Foundation said that it would probably re file a select number of year of taxes and that it would make institutional corrections to its practices and procedures to ensure that the accounting errors do not happen again.

The nature of the mistakes seem tot focus around the combining of funds between sovereign donors and non sovereign donors. The Foundation did not specify which donors were involved in the accounting error or exactly what was the exact amount involved and over what period of years. Clinton foundation Admits Donation Errors

The Clinton Foundation has come under intense scrutiny lately since the announcement of Hilary Clinton for U.S. President. Opponents of Clinton have asserted that she had used her influence as Secretary of State to garner favor from and for foreign countries in anticipation of her bid for President. Supporters state that even if all of the statements made against Clinton are true, that she broke no laws and is operating within the requirements of the laws for a non profit organization. The Foundation simply stated that it made a mistake with regard to the combining of donations but no laws were broken.

The Clinton Foundation stated that it would answer all questions with regard to the nature of its fundraising and operations.

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