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Politics Have Become More Like Competitive Sporting Events, One Study Claims

Bipartisanship has become almost impossible in today’s political atmosphere, creating an extremely polarized approach to debates and policy making, or many times lack of policy making because no one is willing to make a compromise by finding common ground.

Instead, politicians have an us versus them mentality, and that simply doesn’t work in a democracy. In fact, a new study suggested the political atmosphere in America has become more like a sporting match, with teams who are desperately trying to beat each other, no matter what the cost.

Furthermore, researchers discovered that partisan passions become even more intense as voters become more polarized on topics based on political advertising campaigns, and their own attachment to being “red” or “blue”. The scenario painted by this study showed a country, both citizens and politicians, who are more concerned about winning than they are about finding solutions to the world’s problems through thoughtful and intelligent discussions.

It seems as though politicians are mere reflections of the American public. You can see this with Republicans slowly coming around to the idea of legalizing gay marriage, something which they, as a party, were strictly against. But now that the consciousness of the American public has changed surrounding this issue, so are the politicians. Ray Lane (found in Forbes) adds his input stating that the same will be true when Americans stop wanting to be right, and start wanting to fix our problems as a nation, causing the politicians to give the people what they want.

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