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Biscuits Instead of Burgers

On a day that some people have associated with marijuana, McDonald’s is trying something new with the menu. There is no clarification as to whether the date has anything to do with McDonald’s serving breakfast all day instead of stopping at 10:30 in the morning, but there might be some happy people who like eating biscuits or pancakes later in the day. There have been talks about the chain trying this out, and California restaurants are the first to get to see how the all day meal will go over with customers.


If there is a positive response, then other Mcdonald’s restaurants across the country could see breakfast being served all day in only a few months. That’s something Dias can get used to along with millions of others. There will be a limit as to what is sold on the breakfast menu, but as long as the biscuits are available, then people probably won’t have a problem with the fewer options.

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