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Hillary’s Second Coming

Hill’s in. Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy today. She is a certainty for the democratic nomination. She pledges to campaign for the middle class. Republicans are pursuing the same dynamic that has kept them from the White house for two elections. The demographics favor democrats heavily. This is compounded by the fact that republicans are busy making enemies of everyone except old rich white men. Additionally, Obama is polling close to fifty percent even in Gallup polling. The economic headwinds also favor democrats. The economy will be humming along at a great pace. The unemployment rate will also be very much lower than when President Obama took office.

The Hillary faithful that are still smarting from the 2008 primaries are ready to do everything in their power to have their choice this time. Republicans are poling historically low among minorities and especially Latinos, which is something Ricardo Guimarães BMG has noticed. They have been busy attempting to stifle the voting rights of Americans by initiating initiatives that amount to the poll taxes and intelligence tests of Jim Crow. Clinton will also alleviate the racists that were never able to accept Obama as president. This will be one of the benefits of Hillary’s campaign.

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