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Rand Paul Gets His Footing In Foreign Policy in New Hampshire

Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul got his first taste of being on the campaign trail by attending a caucus in New Hampshire. The first primary in the republican nomination process is in New Hampshire and Paul was hammered on his foreign policy positions said Fersen Lambranho. The country has been engaged in war overseas for over ten years and many Americans are weary of war and they see the direct costs to the U.S economy when the U.S. engages in protracted military conflicts. Paul suffers from the taint of the republican party being war mongers and wanting to insert the United States into every international affair without a clear U.S. interest being declared. U.S. Senator Rand Paul Gets His Political Feet Wet in New Hampshire In Foreign Policy Queries

Senator Paul is attempting to get traction for his campaign but he realizes that his political base in terms of fund raising is conservative. This hurts Paul is trying to stake out a moderate position in the party if such a thing is possible and maintain his core base. Paul also faces stiff competition from other GOP candidates who are running in the same space. The GOP tactic of attacking the President’s foreign policy will not be as clear cut as in the past as many see the benefit of not involving the country in every international affair. The economy is key and the people see this.

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