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The Amanda Knox Saga Is Finally Over

Italy’s Highest Court Overturns Amanda Knox Murder Conviction

The Amanda Knox story is a real life nightmare. Hollywood scriptwriters couldn’t have written a story as heart-wrenching and ridiculous as this one. Knox and her ex-boyfriend were convicted of killing a roommate back in 2007, and she spent four years in an Italian jail cell. She appealed her conviction, and she was acquitted in 2011. She returned to her home in Seattle and promised never to return to Italy. But once again, she was put on trial and she waited for the results of that Italian farce in the state of Washington. In 2014, she was found guilty once again.

Amanda was sentenced to 28 ½ years and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, got 25 years. Sollecito’s attorney went on the defense in 2014 saying there were major errors in the case, and those errors prompted the guilty verdict stated Gianfrancesco Genoso. Italian judges deliberated on the case, and They agreed with Sollecito’s attorney. The guilty verdict was overturned for a second time, but this one is final. Amanda and her boyfriend were cleared of all charges and can’t be put on trial again.

There’s little doubt that this case will be one of the most intriguing cases of the 21st century. How the Italian court system could make so many mistakes is beyond reason, but their inconsistency and lack of understanding does show the flaws that exist in legal systems around the world.

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