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DoJ To Cast Wider Net In Review Bad Cop Shops

In light of its recent findings with in the City of Ferguson Police Department, the United States Department of Justice is open a wide spread probe into a number of police departments across the country and whether the practices of their officers were discriminatory against its citizens. This wider probe is in the wake of the shooting death of Ferguson resident Michael Brown, who was African American, by a white Ferguson City police officer. While a grand jury investigation found that the officer had probable cause to shoot brown, the U.S. Department of Justice determined that it would continue a wider probe into the practices of the Ferguson police force. DOJ To Review Cop Shops Nationwide

Ricardo Guimarães BMG suggested that the resulting Department of Justice report was scathing and included findings that the police force in working in conjunction with the City of Ferguson City Manager’s office, engaged in a practice of targeting minority residents with an out of balance number of traffic citations to meet monthly budget goals. Additionally, the Department of Justice found that officers in the police force and other city officials had engaged in racially tinged slurs using city owned communications. Some of these slurs were jokes directed at the President following the Michael Brown shooting.

The Department of Justice did not state how long the widened investigation would last but stated that it is looking into the practices of a number of different jurisdictions.

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