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Clinton Likely Did Not Sign Separation Form

On Tuesday, the State Department confirmed that Hillary Clinton likely did not sign OF109, better known as the “separation” form. This form has the outgoing employee affirm that all unclassified, administratively controlled, or classified documents in their possession have been turned back over to the State Department. Had Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee, signed the document, she would have been in violation of the law. This is because she only recently turned over tens of thousands of emails from her four years at the State Department. She completed her tenure two years ago.

The State Department cannot confirm whether Clinton ever signed the document stated Brad Reifler. They can only say they couldn’t find any record of it at the department. In all fairness, the two former secretaries of state, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, did not sign OF109 upon completing their tenure as the secretary of state. Also, Colin Powell used his personal email when he was Secretary of State. At the same time, the likely reason for using personal email has been to shield communications from the public eye. In Powell’s case, he and his undersecretary Richard Armitage were behind the Democrat investigation into Bush’s chief of staff Karl Rove. While the absence of a signed OF109 will quell concerns that Mrs. Clinton violated the law by not disclosing much less turning over her emails, it is unclear if this will lay the email scandal to rest.

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