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Lynch Nomination on Hold Until Senate Democrats Relent on Human Trafficking Bill

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to deliver a victory to his party’s pro-life base in the form of the current human trafficking legislation. The bill itself enjoys broad bi-partisan support with the exception of key rider. The controversial rider would deny pregnant victims of human trafficking from seeking abortions using restitution funds. It is a curious position for the GOP given that exceptions for abortions in the case of the exploitation of women has been part of most pro-life bills. At the same time, Senate Democrats, who are always keen to find ways to inch towards federal funding of abortion, have objected to the rider. As a result, Democrats have filibustered the bill.

In response, McConnell has delayed the nomination vote of Loretta Lynch for attorney general until Democrats end their filibuster of the human trafficking bill. Senator Chuck Schumer, who supported similar strong arm tactics in the past when Harry Reid was majority leader, objected to McConnell’s political maneuver. Schumer pointed out that Lynch’s nomination has been held up more than any other attorney general in recent memory. He called on the GOP to get moving with her confirmation vote. Lynch’s confirmation is not guaranteed either. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that she lost all nearly all of her support within the GOP due to her approval of the president’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan. At most recent count, she could expect no more than 50 or 51 “yea” votes for confirmation.

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