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Fine Dining and the Right Wine

Fine dining is about something special, the best food served flawlessly with the right ambiance of elegance and sophistication. And, fine dining is not complete without a special rare wine. More importantly, there should be harmony between the cuisine and the wine. The perfect pair will bring out the best nuances of both the dishes and the wine, when both flavors create a pleasurable harmony.

From entrees to the main course, and then onto desserts, wine should be selected to complement the dishes. This offers a variety of potential pairings, however, the basic guideline is to blend the intensity of the wine and its aroma with the nature of the food and how it is being served.

The rule of thumb when choosing wine is that the tastier a dish is the stronger the wine recommended. Lamb or beef dishes, for example, should be accompanied by a full-bodied wine; while white meats and poultry are best served with lighter types of wine. Wine and food pairings can be difficult to get right but with experience, it will be easier.

Fine Dining and the Right Wine

Serving wine is also important in fine dining for other reasons. To better appreciate and see wine, uncolored glasses are perfect. It is advised to avoid using metal or earthenware glassware. Why is that? Many people are unaware that earthen cups and glasses change the taste of the wine. There is also a recognized social order when serving wine. For example, dry white wine is served before a red wine, full-bodied wine after a light wine, and a young wine before an old wine. Once you’ve been around wine for some time, this will begin to make sense.

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