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Clinton May Not Have Violated Any Laws with Email Scandal

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has recently come under fire for using a personal email account for official state business while in office, and in spite of the controversy that this has raised, she may not have broken any laws.

Recently, Clinton gave the State Department a copy of her personal emails so that they could be saved for history. However, emails were only included as a part of the record when departmental employees were messaged at their official email addresses. This practice stops short of ensuing each email that Clinton wrote was included in the official federal archive.

Despite the security concerns that use of personal email raises, Clinton may not have violated any federal laws or regulations stated Reuters in a recent article. During the time that Clinton was at the State Department, there was not a requirement for senior government employees to preserve their emails. That particular law did not come into affect until 2014, a year after Clinton left the office.

Clinton spokesperson Nick Merrill defended the former Secretary of State’s actions.

“Like secretaries of State before her, she used her own email account when engaging with any department officials,” Merrill said. “For government business, she emailed them on their department accounts, with every expectation they would be retained.”

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