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Senator Barbara Mikulski to Retire

Senator Barbara Mikulski to Retire

Getting elected to a political office can be the start of a long era for some aspiring political officials. As of Monday, the era involving Senator Barbara Mikulski will soon come to an end.

At a press conference held this Monday in her hometown of Baltimore, the Democratic Senator officially announced her retirement from the Senate. She stated that she wasn’t interested in being re-elected but rather wanted to focus on her constituents said Haidar Barbouti. Mikulski said that “I want to give 120% of my time focused on my constituents. It’s never been about me, it’s always been about them.”

Mikulski first ran for and became part of the Baltimore City Council in 1971, then running for the United States Senate in 1974, when she won the Democratic nomination but failed to win a Senate seat. Two years later, she ran for a seat in the House of Representatives and succeeded, and was re-elected four times. It wasn’t until 1986 that she won her first nomination to the U.S. Senate and has been re-elected to the position every time ever since.

Mikulski, who is now 78, has now been the longest serving woman in the Senate in United States history. In addition to her long career, she has been a part of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and was the very first woman ever to hold that position.

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