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Bruce Levenson’s Ownership Tenure With The Hawks

Bruce Levenson became the principal owner of the Atlanta Hawks when the ownership group he belonged to essentially broke down in a court battle. He was seen as the one person who could lead the franchise out of such a terrible ordeal, and he quickly began sitting on the NBA Board of Governors. When this happened, he was able to put his own stamp on the franchise that has lasted to this day. The changes he made created a more viable franchise, a more fun experience for the fans and a product that is excellent on and off the court.

When he was able to bring in the people he wanted, Bruce immediately wanted to copy the template that was used by the San Antonio Spurs in their championship dynasty. He brought over Danny Ferry and Mike Budenholzer who both worked for the Spurs, and some people started calling the Hawks SpursSouth.

The tradition of excellence is starting to take shape as the Hawks are favorites in the eastern conference, and many people are pegging them to win a title this season. The creation of this new culture is one that happened all with Bruce’s help. He wanted to create a business that people would be proud of, and he has done that in his time with the Hawks.

When he sells the team, he will be able to say that he was the one who ushered in the era of excellence that is currently happening. Atlanta fans have Bruce to thank for the help that he gave them in reviving their NBA team. This team is one that has never been past the second round of the playoffs, but many people believe that they are going to go much farther than that right now and long into the future.

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