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Senator Jim Inhofe uses snowball to disprove climate change

At a time when a poll of Americans showed the majority feel battling climate change should be a major part of the work of the US Congress, Senator Jim Inhofe took to the Senate floor with a snowball to prove his claim that climate change is a hoax. The Senator for Oklahoma held the snowball aloft and stated climate change was not affecting Washington DC because snow had fallen in the Winter, going on to relate a story about his children building igloo’s in the snow, CBS News reports.

Senator Inhofe is the Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and has been a long time supporter of the climate change as a hoax theory said the article. He eventually tossed the snowball to an aide and called for President Obama to catch it. Despite claims made by Senator Inhofe NASA recently reported 2014 to be the warmest year since the 1880s and warned of major drought problems that could affect the US by the latter half of the 21st century.

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