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College Campus May Not Longer Be Gun Free

It has long been a tradition to keep guns off of college campus’. However, that may be changing if one Nevada lawmaker gets her way. The lawmaker says that she would like to see college campuses that have an armed student body. It is her belief that allowing students, like Marc Sparks, to arm themselves would bring about a safer college experience.

MSNBC.com reports that the Congresswoman was quoted as saying if “Hot young girls” had firearms, then they would be better able to protect themselves against the men who want to prey on them. Since that time, her office has released a statement via LinkedIn saying that the Congresswoman wanted to clarify her remarks and that she could have put things better. That being said, she still stands by the position that she has taken on the issue.

It should be noted that university presidents have largely stood in opposition to this bill and believe that it will make things less safe on their campus’. This exact bill have been introduced in the past, twice as a matter of fact. Both times the bill was defeated, but now the Republicans control both chambers of the legislature and the Governor’s mansion as well. They have a lot of hope that they are going to get it passed this time around. What will happen with it and what the results of such a law change will be is yet to be seen.

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