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Holder Calls For Halt to Death Penalty Executions

Attorney General Eric Holder has called for a moratorium of the death penalty while the Supreme Court reviews Oklahoma’s procedures. Several states have already halted executions. Alabama, Florida, Ohio and Tennessee have stopped executions over concerns that the drugs used may not result in a humane death, after the botched executions in Oklahoma.

In Oregon, Rick Tosto says activists are putting pressure on the governor to also discontinue executions. Additionally, they have asked Governor John Kitzhaber to commute the sentences of 34 inmates that are currently on death row awaiting execution before his resignation is becomes effective February 18 at 10pm PT.

On February 13, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced a state wide moratorium on death penalty cases until after the Supreme court has completed its review and he has had time to review their findings.

Last month Oklahoma was ordered by the Supreme Court to stop all executions until the court reviews the state’s lethal injection procedure. At issue is the sedative, which has failed to act effectively during execution.

Holder was quoted as saying:

“Fundamental questions about the death penalty need to be asked. And Among them, the Supreme Court’s determination as to whether or not lethal injection is consistent with our Constitution is one that ought to occur. From my perspective, I think a moratorium until the Supreme Court made that determination would be appropriate.”

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